Rejected Content Management Systems


UPDATE: This list has been compiled in spring of 2010. A very large amount of work was put into this project to review all of these CMSes. I am planning to update and greatly expand this list.

Make sure to understand how much work has to be put into reviewing each CMS. Make sure to understand that a lack of a large and active support forum automatically places a CMS in this list. And above all, remember to do your homework and read other pages in this section before investing your time into a particular CMS.


There is a complimentary user--editable version of this article at my Wiki, Rejected Content Management Systems --wiki. Be aware, that this is the main article, [ Rejected Content Management Systems] but changes in the wiki will be committed to this main article whenever appropriate. There is also a dedicated forum, Rejected Content Management Systems on this topic.



According to the criteria outlined in the parent page, the following Content Management Systems have been rejected from further evaluation. Biggest reason for rejection is to avoid you from wasting your time. Do not try to use these CMSes, and if you use them and expect your website to grow, think about moving away to another CMS.


The following CMSes are dead. Why am I posting this list here? One of the reasons is to have you consider -- what happened to all the people who used these CMSes? When picking a CMS, make sure it'll grow in the future.

  • dotWidget CMS. Dead.
  • Coretal. Link.


And the following CMSes should be avoided entirely. Again, the reasons are outlined in selection criteria. Not having an active forum (or one at all!!!) is a sure way to be on this list:

  • AdaptCMS. Link. Cannot post on forum or access my forum profile.
  • All in one control panel. Link. They are stuck in the 90's. No real forum.
  • Ametys. Link. Java based.
  • AutoWebBuilder. Link. No forum.
  • BGS CMS. Link. Dead link to forum. No one noticed???
  • Bigace CMS. Link.
  • BitWeaver. Link. Not suitable as a medium size CMS.
  • bloofoxCMS. Link. Forum CLOSED WTH???. Documentation too short. For tiny websites. Barebones but functional. Use CMS Made Simple instead. requires MySQL password. Two quotes on removal of forum: "We will reply as soon as possible but don't worry if it takes up to 2 weeks" and "we will work on a better documentation that you don't need to ask that many questions" had me rolling on the floor.
  • Bluetrait. Link. Nothing on website.
  • boastMachine. Link. Nothing on website.
  • campus suite CMS. Link. No forum.
  • CathDesign CMS. Link. Not in English.
  • CMME. Link. They are stuck in the 90's. No forum.
  • CMS From Scratch. Link. flat-file.
  • CMS Logic. Link.
  • CMS10. Link. Not in English.
  • CMSimple. Link. Tiny.
  • CMSity. Link. Closed-source.
  • Conet Media Suite. Link.
  • Contentteller. Link.
  • Cotonti. Link.
  • CruxCMS. Link. Noone ever clicked the link to the forum???
  • CushyCMS. Link. Hosted, and too simplistic. Use CMS Made Simple instead and convert your HTML page into a CMSMS template. No real forum.
  • DaliCMS. Link. Tiny forum.
  • DBHcms. Link. Too small, no documentation. Forum offline.
  • dBlog CMS. Link.
  • Direct News CMS. Link.
  • DMCMS. Link.
  • Drag Drop Site Creator. Link. Not a CMS.
  • DT Centrepiece. Link.
  • dotCMS. Link. No forum.
  • DynPG. Link. Not free, no forum.
  • easywebmanager. Link.
  • Eden. Link.
  • Edicy []. website builder, not cms
  • Elgg Social Networking CMS. Link.
  • EVER. Link.
  • eXtensible Site Middleware. Link.
  • ezContents [] ??? Tiny. No forum.
  • eZ Publish. Link. "Enterprise".
  • EZRO [] ??? Nothing on website. No forum.
  • Factor Three CMS (formerly Clover Content). []. Tiny, database hosted on their server. No forum.
  • Falt4 []. No forum
  • Family Connections. Link.
  • FlexCMS. Link.
  • Flux CMS. Link.
  • Frisonline SiteManager. Link.
  • Fundanemt. Link.
  • Gate49 Content Management System. Link.
  • Gamboo Web Suite. Link. Website not in English.
  • GCMS. Or g-cms. Link. Or whatever. Why was this crap even listed on Wikipedia???
  • Geeklog. Link.
  • gekko. Link.
  • Gocomasy. Link.
  • Ghost Writer. Link.
  • GlobusMedia. Link.
  • GuppY []. Cannot post on tiny forum. Not a CMS.
  • Gutensite. Link.
  • Hotaru CMS. Link.
  • HYDRAportal. Link.
  • Igaro. Link.
  • imCMS. Link.
  • Infopark CMS Fiona. Link.
  • IntelliCMS. Link.
  • IpeCMS. Link.
  • Irokez []. Tiny. No forum.
  • ISIPortal. Link.
  • iWare Professional CMS. Link.
  • IWES. Link.
  • Jaws []. Cannot post on forum because of an idiotic mod block due to "The post contains links to illegal or pirated software."
  • JiffyPage. Link.
  • jNetPublish. Link.
  • Kentico 5. Link. .NET - won't be reviewed.
  • KLARNET CMS. Link.
  • Kameelio. Link.
  • kwiKKpage. Link.
  • Lanius CMS []
  • Level9 CMS. Link.
  • LifeType. Link. Not suitable as a CMS.
  • LoveCMS. Link.
  • LTAP. Link.
  • Lumis Portal. Link.
  • manage IT - Website Content Management Software. Link.
  • Mapix CMS. Link.
  • merlinTalk. Link. Another Wikipedia crap page.
  • MeshCMS. Link. Flat file.
  • mijnCMS. Link. Not in English.
  • MiaCMS. Link. Closed forum. Tiny forum.
  • MiNI-CMS. Link.
  • MKDoc. Link.
  • MOOSE. Link.
  • Movable Type. Link. NOT A CMS.
  • MµCMS (Matt's Micro CMS). Link.
  • multineo neOS. Link.
  • Novoya. Link.
  • nX-Engine. Link.
  • MySource Matrix. Link.
  • OneCMS. Link.
  • Onpub. Link.
  • Opus. Link.
  • Papoo. Link.
  • Pathos CMS. Link.
  • Pegboard CMS. Link.
  • Perch CMS. Link.
  • Pixie []. No real forum.
  • Phenotype CMS []. No forum.
  • phpComasy []
  • PHPSlash. Link. NOT A CMS.
  • phpWebSite. Link.
  • Pivot. Link.
  • Pluck. Link.
  • Polaris CMS. Link.
  • Poseidon. Link.
  • PostNuke. Link.
  • Puntal. Link.
  • PyLucid. Link.
  • QuateCMS []. "QuateCMS was created as a learning tool of sorts. It is not actively being developed."
  • Quick.Cms.Lite. Link.
  • RAM-CMS. Link.
  • Rapid-Website []. Generator, not CMS. No forum.
  • ReciteCMS. Link.
  • REDAXO. Link.
  • Refinery cms. Link.
  • ReloadCMS. Link.
  • RunCms []. Forum closed.
  • SaturnCMS. Link.
  • Sauropol. Link.
  • SeamlessCMS. Link.
  • selfCMS. Link.
  • Self!Service. Link.
  • Shadowed Portal. Link.
  • Simple CMS. Link.
  • SimplitCMS. Link.
  • Sitecore CMS. Link. Not a CMS. It's an "Online Marketing Suite"
  • SiteKreator. Link.
  • Sitellite CMS. Link.
  • siteRocket. Link.
  • SiteSage CMS. Link.
  • Siteworks. Link.
  • SmartWeb CMS. Link.
  • SkyBlueCanvas []. No forum. Use CMS Made Simple instead.
  • SocialEngine PHP. Link.
  • Speck CMS []. No forum.
  • Spinternet. Link.
  • SPIP. Link.
  • Splash Frog []. No forum.
  • SquareSpace. Link.
  • SSRtech. Link.
  • Subrion. Link.
  • SWISDK. Link.
  • Symphony CMS. Link. Not a CMS.
  • synType CMS []. No forum.
  • SysCom. Link.
  • TangoCMS. Link. Too simplistic.
  • []. website builder/hosted
  • theweb CMS. Link.
  • TinX/cms []. tiny. no forum.
  • tiny. Link.
  • TinyCMS. Link.
  • Tribiq CMS. Link.
  • toendaCMS []. Forum is broken. I have contacted site administrator. He has received the email, but so far did nothing about it.
  • Walnut CMS. Link.
  • Wandsoft e-Business Suite. Link.
  • WCXE. Link.
  • WebQuick. Link.
  • Webventures CMS. Link.
  • WEGO CMS. Link.
  • wfDynamic. Link.
  • whCMS. Link.
  • Whedimer Web Application System. Link.
  • Wires. Link.
  • Link.
  • WORKSsitebuilder. Link.
  • UGAL. Link.
  • UMI.CMS. Link.
  • Vivvo CMS. Link.
  • X3 CMS. Link.
  • Xaraya CMS. Link. Overblown for a CMS.
  • xBx Site Manager. Link.
  • XCMS. Link.
  • XsltCMS. Link.
  • ZetariSys. Link.
  • ZeusCMS. Link.
  • Zimplit CMS []. tiny and not mature
  • Zikula CMS. Link.
  • zwook. Link.
  • Zyke CMS. Link.



The following CMSes have an active forum and have responded to my posts linking to this page. They will be reevaluated against the criteria again:


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