TOMTOM 740 Live list of voice commands

This is a list that is not available anywhere online.

You can use the following voice commands on a 740 Live:

2D map

2D map view

3D map

3D map view

3D view

Add favorite

Add to favorites

Avoid roadblock

Brightness down

Brightness up

Calculate alternative

Calculate an alternative route

Calculate original

Calculate the original route


Call back

Call home

Clear route

Continue itinerary

Correct map error

Current location

Day view

Daytime view

Decrease brightness

Decrease volume

Increase brightness

Increase volume

Map error

Mark as favorite

Mark map error

Mark safety camera

Minimize delays

Minimize traffic delays

Navigate home

Navigate to a city center

Navigate to a favorite

Navigate to a recent destination

Navigate to a ZIP code

Navigate to an address

Navigate to home

Navigate to the nearest ATM

Navigate to the nearest bank machine

Navigate to the nearest campground

Navigate to the nearest camping ground

Navigate to the nearest car repair service

Navigate to the nearest car wash

Navigate to the nearest dentist

Navigate to the nearest doctor

Navigate to the nearest fire station

Navigate to the nearest gas station

Navigate to the nearest hospital

Navigate to the nearest hotel

Navigate to the nearest parking garage

Navigate to the nearest parking lot

Navigate to the nearest pharmacy

Navigate to the nearest police station

Navigate to the nearest post office

Navigate to the nearest railway station

Navigate to the nearest rest area

Navigate to the nearest restaurant

Navigate to the nearest tourist information .

Navigate to the nearest truck stop a.

Navigate to the next itinerary destination

Night view

Nighttime view


Phone back

Phone home

Read aloud traffic info

Read aloud traffic information

Read traffic info

Read traffic information

Recalculate original

Recalculate the original route


Repeat instruction

Report safety camera

Safety camera

Sound off

Sound on

Start itinerary

Travel via a city center

Travel via a favorite

Travel via a recent destination

Travel via a ZIP code

Travel via an address

Travel via home

Travel via the nearest ATM

Travel via the nearest bank machine

Travel via the nearest camping ground

Travel via the nearest campsite

Travel via the nearest car repair service

Travel via the nearest car wash

Travel via the nearest dentist

Travel via the nearest doctor

Travel via the nearest fire station

Travel via the nearest gas station

Travel via the nearest hospital

Travel via the nearest hotel

Travel via the nearest parking garage

Travel via the nearest parking lot

Travel via the nearest pharmacy

Travel via the nearest police station

Travel via the nearest post office

Travel via the nearest railway station

Travel via the nearest rest area

Travel via the nearest restaurant

Travel via the nearest tourist information .

Travel via the nearest truck stop .

Turn brightness down

Turn brightness up

Turn down brightness

Turn down volume

Turn off sound

Turn on sound

Turn sound off

Turn sound on

Turn up brightness

Turn up volume

Turn volume down

Turn volume up

Use day colors

Use night colors

Volume down

Volume up

Weather report

What is the weather?

Where am I?

Zoom in

Zoom out

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