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Book Proposal + Sample - Transistors and Other Semiconductor Devices - Michael LoneWolf [PDF]

Query Letter - Transistors and Other Semiconductor Devices - Michael LoneWolf [PDF]

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Prospectus - Transistors and Other Semiconductor Devices by Michael LoneWolf [PDF]

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Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my project page!

My name is Michael LoneWolf and I have a completed manuscript for a book on electronics.

Specifically, the book is about fundamental electronic devices, or semiconductors, which make the world go around. I came to the conclusion that there was a need for a no-nonsense, no useless information electronics tutorial.

My manuscript is complete with draft illustrations, which means that about a third of the work is done. Now, I need to have the manuscript professionally edited and typeset, illustrations drawn, book submitted for publishing, and published. I also need money for a professional conversion into an e-book, and several small print runs.

I have already tried to find an agent. Textbooks, a category to which this book can belong, do not usually require an agent to be submitted to a publisher.

I then tried to submit to electronics and textbooks publishers. However, those folks want an easy and guaranteed investment before they step in.

So, let's do it ourselves!

I would like YOUR help to simultaneously pursue a small print run, as well as a release of this book for the e-book market. I have several innovative ideas on how to release the book in several different forms at the same time. Presently, few quality books on semiconductors have been specifically written for the e-book market, and I have some novel ideas on how to incorporate some features in the book specifically for e-readers.

If a large publisher wants a proof of market availability, then WE CAN give them the proof. I decided I would like to do a soft roll-out in select brick and mortar stores in combination with an e-book release. After I prove the market, then a large publisher can jump in.

Everyone who donates can receive a PDF of my manuscript, so you can observe how a book is made, and help in in the process by offering suggestions or reporting problems, errors, and omissions.

On this webpage, you can access a twelve-page book proposal, a preliminary front and back covers, a one-chapter sample, a prospectus, and a query letter, for further information about this book. There, you will be able to keep track of my progress and my financials.

Electronics is my whole life. I have been doing it for 15 years now, and I have experience in a number of industries and professions. I have also been writing for some time, and I have a website and a previous book. I have given this project a lot of missed sleep and evenings of nothing but writing, and I have done as much as I can. One person cannot do marketing on his own.

With your help, I envision this book to be available to electronics hobbyists, enthusiasts, students, tinkerers, robot builders, makers, and hackers. Available in several forms at the same time, and with two very special and unique features which I reserve as a surprise.

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