Literary Agents representing textbooks

Few few literary agents represent authors on the subject of technical, scientific, or technology books and textbooks.

Most agents only represent books for the masses. If they say they represent "science" and "technology" subjects, they only mean a book for the masses, and not for the academic market.

In addition, textbook publishing is different from mass market publishing, because of "seasons", different contractual agreements, and the like.


Before I get to the subject of relevant literary agents, first a few notes about textbook publishers.

Firstly, research the meaning of the word "imprint" here and here.


Now, on to publishers.

Pearson Education is the giant. Most textbook 'brands' you can remember are either its imprints, or companies which Pearson has acquired (and converted to an imprint). Specifically, its imprints include:  Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference, Addison-Wesley Professional.

If you wish to submit your book proposal directly to Pearson or one of its imprints, you will run into some confusion. Pearson went the way of most modern corporations. They set up a preferred way they want to be contacted. Recently, companies favor setting up forums and FAQs and completely removing a way to contact them directly. It seems that all submissions to Pearson must go thru a new website, InformIT. There is little information on what exactly InformIT is, and whether there is an alternate way to submit book proposals to Pearson. If you have more information on this, CONTACT ME. The link to the relevant InformIT page is Write for Us.


McGraw-Hill Education is a name familiar to all. SUBMIT.

John Wiley & Sons (Wiley Press). SUBMIT.

Elsevier Science & Technology Books

Macmillan Publishing Company (as Palgrave Macmillan, and other imprints and / or subsidiaries). Not a leader in US, but is big internationally. Their book submission application link.

Cengage Delmar Learning


Literary agents who are familiar with the textbook industry and have contacts within are hard to find. The list below is the result of several days of research. CONTACT ME if you specialize in representing textbooks, or if you came across an agent who did.


Agents who specifically say that they specialize in textbooks:

Serendipity: Regina Brooks

Rick Broadhead & Associates

Talcott Notch Literary Services

The Garamond Agency

The Rosenberg Group

Educational Design Services

Lennie Literary Agency

Schiavone Literary Agency

Robert Lieberman Associates



"Maybe" list:

Liza Sawson Associates: Hannah Bowman

Fresh Books

The Doe Coover Agency

Ross Yoon. Not accepting right now.

Lennie Literary Agency

The Jeff Herman Agency

LaunchBooks Literary Agency

Diana Finch Literary Agency



Not for textbooks, but otherwise scholarly books:

The Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency. "Books by journalists, academics, doctors and therapists, based on their research, motivational."

The Krista Goering Literary Agency

The Strothman Agency

The Doe Coover Agency

Baldi Agency

van Haitsma Literary

Linda Roghaar Literary Agency

Susan Rabiner Literary

The Rudy Agency

The Jeff Herman Agency

Solow Literary

Northern Lights Literary Services



List of organizations and associations:

TAA -- Textbook and Academic Authors Association. $30 membership. IF they have a forum, they would be worth the membership. I cannot say it one way or the other.



Tip: for submission guidelines and instructions, look thru the agency's website. They very often post very detailed tips and instructions. Also read other agencies' websites, even if they will not be representing you. Follow all submission instructions EXACTLY. Read articles about the process, such as


List of relevant books:



Lists parsed to create this listing include:

˅˅˅ Additional valuable information is available at one of the links below: ˅˅˅


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