How to immediately repair computer infection

So, you are using your computer and all of a sudden your browser cannot open a webpage for you, and says something about a proxy. What happened?

Your computer has just been infected. How? You have done one of the following:

Used P2P networks to download something illegal

Downloaded a commercial program for free, using a search term like free, crack, keygen, serial.

Clicked OK on a dialog box on a webpage without bothering to read or understand what it said.

etc, etc.


If you have not restarted your computer yet, and pressing ctrl+alt+delete allows you to view the Task Manager, you are in luck. The infection has not spread.


Immediately, run a system scan with your antivirus software such as Avast!


Start Menu > Run (or type in) > msconfig

A window should open. Click on startup. You must know what those entries mean. If something does not sound like a program you are always using, it must not be checked. If you have no idea what you are doing, call someone who can help.


It is safe to uncheck most or all of the entries in msconfig. You might not have your favorite programs start when you log in to your computer, but you can always turn the check mark on again and restart. However, there is usually a long list of crap and infection enabled in msconfig, or programs that only slow down your computer and logon time.


Even if Avast Scan Now> Quick Scan does not detect anything, you may still be infected.

Now, on to the proxy issue. Go to Internet Explorer and Firefox network settings, and turn off use of proxy. You should regain internet connectivity.


Now, uninstall all programs that you downloaded or installed illegally by bypassing paying for them. Then, clear all temp and cache locations on your computer.

Keep running Avast Quick Scan, several times.


Do not restart computer until you have found the cause of infection.


Before restarting, schedule Avast to run a boot-time scan, and set the default action to move items to chest. Plan for the boot time scan to take several hours.


Restart when you have time for the scan. Avast may or may not find more infected files during the boot time scan than it found during the Quick Scan mode.

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