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Quick notes:

  • One of the stupidest things about Open Office is that toolbar that pops up when you are working with bulleted and numbered lists. To get it out of the way, drag it to where other toolbars are shown. Next time it will appear, but on the toolbar, and not in your way.


Open Office bullets toolbar



  • when right clicking before a first word on a line, for example to select paste in that section, right click menu only briefly appears, but does not stay because of autocorrect being highlighted for that word
  • stupidity: pressing backspace at beginning of bulleted list deletes the bullet mark (see suggestion below)
  • bug: end button does not work as it should
  • spellcheck does not autocorrect capitalization if there is a bullet point in front of that word. however, when that sentence ends in the same bullet and another one begins, that first letter in the second sentence does autocorrect capitalization.
  • numbering: if user manually uses numbering in another text editor in the "1)" style, when the text is imported it does not look like OO recognizes it as a numbered listing. however, when the enter is pressed to create another line below the last numbered item, OO tries to format it as a numbered listing. what is stupid is that 1) it auto-formats only the last item, and not the whole list, which is pointless, 2) it goes into the way by treating the new line user created as a new numbered item.
  • jumping around of focus and location when the numbering-content toolbar pops up as a toolbar in the window. it even deselects any selecting the user has done, as well as moves the cursor up or down, which is stupid.
  • when I disabled the option to watch for capitalization in sentences, but turned it back on recently, it did not do anything. do I have an option on that does this?
  • bold: 1) if user makes a line of text Bold and moves it around (mainly by moving it downwards with enter key), every line it passes thru is made bold. extremely stupid when user does not see anything since a line is empty, but when text is entered, it is bold. 2) when non-bold text is pasted into a line OO thinks should be bold, the text becomes bold.
  • Different sizes of the bullet circles. New sizes are different from old ones.
  • When pasting a block of text when that cursor location has text formatting specified (bold for example), the formatting does not apply to the whole block of text, but just to the single last line of that block. Same with bulleted lists. So when pasted, most of the block will preserve its formatting as it was copied, but the last line of text will be different from the block in that the formatting will be applied that was specified at the cursor before the paste operation
  • OO stupidity: pressing font color button should trigger it to affect text from that point on, and not require selection. Currently, messes up and acts like a "paint fill bucket" from MSPaint.
  • Wth oo does not save last font color after shutdown, and reverts to dark red



Features requests:

  • Critical: OpenOffice by default makes pages A4 size, while most of it's market should be US users. Why the hell A4 paper size and "no language" defaults???
  • double arrow down will create a new line below (to eliminate the stupidity of having to CLICK on the end of sentence and only then press Enter). It bugs me that every time I need to go to the next line when the cursor is at the end of the line above. however, nothing happens because i did not press enter at the end of that line. in this situation, generate a new line automatically, and move the cursor to the next line
  • try-to-keep-at-page-start feature. text will be attempted to be kept at the beginning of page, going to next one if necessary. used to keep text alignment when working inside a formatted text.
  • within--program Unicode viewer, selector, character palette, keyboard language/layout chooser, onscreen keyboard.
  • new option: pre-load OO in memory only for the session once a file is open. make that the default option. there will also be an option to always keep it in memory, and never to keep in memory.
  • have a search option, and not search and replace
  • add option to sort a column (just a bunch of lines, not a special column) by (alphabetical order, width of text in line, case).
  • add option to eliminate duplicates in a column of text. this can be used to sort a number of entries, or with the help of the second option, even create a "unique-index-like" result.
  • select a column of text without selecting everything between. For example, just a column of 5 characters can be selected in a text.
  • open office font selection feature: like in M$ Office, add a list of frequently used fonts on top so I do not have to scroll or type in my font.
  • OpenOffice should have a similar function as in MS Office encodings selection
  • cut/copy/paste does not work in dialogs and fields in MS office and Open office
  • add much more details to the word counter, incl lines, paragraphs, etc
  • make the autosuggestion completion button other than the enter key since it is used so often. Make it an easily accessible but often unused button (“\”?)
  • when only a single “”” is detected, or three like at the left, either warn the user that the number is not even, or if single use straight vertical one instead of one to the right or to the left
  • does not respond to Home, End
  • eliminate gray area around the page
  • remember user corrections of autocorrect and do not repeat again
  • make the find dialog size much smaller so it does not get in the way
  • must have utility: line by line compare utility, version compare utility, find common text, eliminate common text
  • When cutting out of bullet lists, provide an option to remove the bullet and empty line as well
  • needed feature: allow scroll to be used behind the active search and other windows because they do not need scroll, and scrolling is needed because the automatic navigation to the highlighted word is not so intelligent
  • utility: find bold text, italic, special formatting, etc
  • duplicate phrases in same text detector
  • OO must warn if text is a bullet list but the bullet point has been deleted and is no longer visible
  • semi-permanent highlighting of find all results, will not disappear the moment user clicked or selected something else
  • need a feature/document present to specify a word spelling as defined by OO dictionary as incorrect and either just highlight it or autocorrect to another word (autocorrect presently already possible with replace)
  • stupidity of deleting bullet marks, when cutting a complete line by selection, or trying to delete one bullet up (in that case any method will screw up the bullet on the line below the bullet I am trying to delete)
  • when opening a document and first scanning for misspelled words to highlight, also scan all words for any new autoreplace rules and prompt user in a single dialog to autoreplace those words
  • if a word is spelled "incorrectly" the same exact way several times then chances are it is spelled correctly. ask user BEFORE the spellcheck main window if those words are actually correct spelling
  • tooltips for mouse hovers for all toolbar buttons
  • eliminate idiotic "search from beginning" dialog. always search the entire document, starting from the cursor, and do it ONLY ONCE.
  • spellcheck: "previous" button
  • wth there are three dictionaries already?
  • define a new dictionary: user. make sure that it is backed up and transferable by the user
  • significantly expand OO dictionary
  • add grammar checker
  • periodically upload user dictionaries with permissions. words matching in several of these would be reviewed and added to the OO dictionary.
  • feature to order lists of text without using excel solution
  • feature to look for similar words and phrases in text or word/phrase list (to eliminate duplicates)
  • search and replace wth it does not inform when whole text has been searched, instead it goes loop after loop
  • critical feature: default with multiple slot clipboard and warn when contents have not been used from clipboard (not pasted or overwritten with another cut or copy)
  • stupidity: pressing backspace at beginning of bulleted list deletes the bullet mark. Must instead remove bullet formatting or have no effect. However, if such removal of bullet marks is actually needed, it must be put into bullet formatting options.
  • develop a grammar checker like in MS Office
  • when adding a word to the dictionary, have a separate "Custom" dictionary that is user-editable in case the word has to be removed again.
  • stupid: there are the general options, but then there are other ones like auto formatting. move absolutely all options into a single page with many tabs.
  • copy as plain text or without formatting option
  • option: when pasting do not convert to formatting of text before the destination position, preserve pasted text formatting
  • add to OO: print current page, print current selection
  • wth OO does not respond to end button to go to end of text
  • WTH no OO toolbar button to show and change text language (besides the tools menu). There is a language status button that does not work
  • print current page
  • multiple auto-clearing clipboards
  • wth OO does not recognize home/end keys



Needed options:

  • how to handle when pasting into bulleted lists
  • how to handle backspace in beginning of bulleted text


does not contain an option to turn off:

  • help hints
  • autosuggestions
  • use of autosuggestions
  • automatic capitalization
  • option to turn off autocorrect for capitalization
  • no option in openoffice to ignore capitalization and to not correct it
  • find and document option to prevent bullets dialog from ever appearing
  • remove setting to display content toolbars in openoffice



Spellchecking and on the very limited dictionary:

  • make a separate dictionary that will be "custom". store it in a user location, and notify to back it up. user dictionary option (backupable, user visible modifiable, and put in a visible location in file structure)
  • provide a method for people to upload their custom dictionaries to for parsing.
  • devote an individual to expanding the dictionary word list, parsing user dictionary submissions, etc
  • option to edit user dictionary word list
  • option to go back to previously processed item in spellcheck
  • option to recheck for capitalization, etc while in spellcheck mode
  • first of all, try to consider an all--capital version of the word if reported as a spell error.
  • wth "--" is not always corrected to a single character???
  • does not save ignore words for spellcheck
  • gives too many problems during spellcheck, esp for things like two combined words into one, website addresses, capitalized word (no option to ignore either), etc. ignore capitalized words option. ignore website addresses option
  • user can change the word in the results window. check until he finishes typing and gets it right, with no need to press "change" button. if user modified it, but still got it wrong, say so, and not skip over it.
  • says i.e. is wrong, says thru is wrong, says cancelled is wrong, does not know wmv, asf, adware, playlist, kB, Wikipedia, Gnutella, wiki, wth.
  • remove stupidity of "start checking at the beginning", since few people intentionally want to spell check from a cursor (that can be anywhere, or near the end when finished typing)




  • there are two sort buttons on the toolbars, but the menu option is too complicated and has stupid options and output, wth???
  • blocks of colored rows for easier reading. automatic of menu on/off
  • option to highlight/bold/hide items from a column based on a rule (fe, highlight "yes" entries)


gray border stupidities:

  • probably no settings anywhere
  • never assume user will have the horizontal scroll bar, or have to control it all the time (page not centered if zoomed in too close)
  • wth half inch gray area on left, but much smaller on other sides? make all sides same small size
  • eliminate completely.



If you agree with much of the above or would like to implement it, or you are a part of the Open Office project, or you are a programmer who can implement any of these requests then .

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