Misc and other software feature requests

Stellarium feature requests:
  • Start menu link
  • star visible magnitude +/-
  • Better location specification



GRUB feature requests:

  • bug: /n (new line) needed for grub dialog since a sentence run-on will happen if XP setup CD is inserted but not used, and the screen is then passed to grub booting
  • grub on small FAT32 partition?
  • use a single small partition at the end for a universal OS recovery suite, accessible from grub.



GIMP bug: cannot write into directories when they were created in language other than English in Windows XP.


Adobe Acrobat Reader tip: alt+right and alt+left navigation like in a browser is possible, but it is not apparent to users and is not on the menus or the toolbars. For example, if you click on a link in a table of contents, to go back to the table of contents, you can press alt+left arrow key


TI-89 graphing calculator: Scrollable loggable output window. Variable/string as file name

PowerISO: needed feature: specify the lowest starting letter for drives

Gadwin PrintScreen: if settings window is brought up and the specified screenshots directory is not valid, the user is presented with a lot of the same stupid dialog telling him exactly that. fix: one notice with the option to specify another directory.


X Setup Pro:

  • in seek & tweak i have no idea what the found entries belong to
  • alert/yellow ones are not highlighted, so i constantly have to dismiss the dialog that comes up
  • have a button to go back to main window
  • arrow up and down do not work in lists. selection is not updated unless clicked with mouse
  • old versions
  • free version
  • no log of changes made after uninstall
  • previous versions must be on site


Intervideo WinDVD:

  • Wth quit without save discards all screenshots.
  • Wth some disclaimers not played again
  • add option to save as PNG
  • add option to save in folder with the name of the disk all of the captures for that disk
  • move all options related to capture to Options so they do not have to be specified every time
  • warn when getting low on memory
  • remove present stupidity of capturing
  • solve the problem of deinterlacing
  • document way to convert saves to PNG
  • if WinDVD cannot save to nonexistent directory it says it saved when it did nothing


Real player:

  • Wth removed content
  • playlist with pics and text
  • inform if already file in queue
  • Wth download later?
  • move, not shortcut, items in playlist
  • ff, reverse, better than in VLC
  • clear screen on stop
  • Wth space bar for pause only in theater mode


  • Wth f11 is for mute


StarZ ticket on Real Player:

  • wth discard file when cancelled.
  • wth cancel?
  • make pause available on right-click
  • uncheck does not mean cancel. come up with a better way
  • wth the first attempt after no connection dumps file contents. make many attempts to resume available.
  • sci-fi/horror should be horror
  • search sucks
  • wth can mouse-scroll text in player?
  • download many files at the same time/download others when paused (no other way to pause the downloading of the file without discarding its contents)
  • download window should automatically re-size fields when window is resized
  • do not reset title list. update only video description are on the website.
  • keep the list of non-downloaded files after close.
  • don't change the volume of Wave slider



  • rebuild GUI
  • allow math expressions in input fields
  • add RMS field to sinusoidal source
  • linear/ramp/sawtooth voltage supply
  • different color, adjustable time difference for scope traces
  • huge mouse controlled variable resistor
  • ideal capacitor
  • make it clear that shift inverses the increment value


Improvements to Steam:

  1. option to propagate launch options like -novid
  2. option to propagate user settings
  3. stop playing sounds before applying settings so people do not hear idiotic looping sound
  4. Wth C:/program files/valve/ instead of /steam folder for some apps and downloads???


Yahoo Widgets:

  • clock display shows 0 hours after midnight in am/pm mode
  • weather shows moon/nothing after the sun has already risen
  • Wi-Fi signal meter updates too slow, sometimes freezes
  • battery display stays on top by default. change
  • weather should show the weather of the nearest next day as the first entry. sometimes it looks like it shows present weather that is useless (during night). it says "tonight", it should say "this morning/day".
  • yahoo widgets LaunchIt fix bug with selection on login


Yahoo Weather:

  • why does it show a wrong location at start???
  • if there is no location specified, then do not show anything
  • the last entry with the moon at 62% is interpreted by me as a sixth day weather forecast


Visio improvements:

  • As always with M$, stupid settings are included, needed ones do not exist.
  • Global font size preference
  • A way to add more connection points to a shape.
  • Bendable/splittable arrow connectors.
  • BMP export needs some margins
  • default zoom is stupid.
  • paste in the location of right click!!!
  • option to remove rulers
  • need notation balloons: text with arrows
  • wth blurred GUI?
  • need a join/subtract shapes function
  • hide the save icon when the file has been saved.

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