I have found out that both approaches are not suitable for me:

1) Save everything is not acceptable since I do not write them off for tax purchases. I would collect too many, and throw them out anyways.

2) Throw receipts away: is unwise if you need to return the item or FOR WARRANTY.

I have realized more and more the importance of warranty for the CHEAP CRAP that we all buy. At least if it breaks, you will not buy another like most other people, but will listen to me and go to the manufacturer's website and obtain warranty information.

Those people who have not used warranty do not know how simple it is to obtain a repair or replacement.

Some recent things that I utilized warranty for are (off the top of my head):

1) Smoke alarms

2) LED flashlight

3) Heating pad

4) Computer motherboard

and many others


Therefore, I have a "notes" box. Once about a month, I go thru that box. I take out receipts that seem to be for expensive of warranty covered items. I organize anything of value, and shred the rest.