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What is a good replacement for

Now that IsoHunt is no longer what it used to, what should you use instead? What are real torrent search engines?

IsoHunt is no longer useable as you cannot order results by date it was uploaded, so you cannot easily download the latest episode of a tv show. Read for a fix below.

The possible replacements are:

1) IsoHunt thru a proxy

2) IsoHunt lite (what they have right now), with results ordered by popularity (that was just introduced back, along with negative flags/comments)


4) Hulu

5) Unusable for tv shows.

Geegle. Unfortunately, Geegle is not it, because it returns too much crap/ripoff/spam/infected websites if you try to use it as a torrent search engine. Maybe. Very little content. Maybe. Very little content.

Mininova (


And if you can stand them, MPAA has a page of places where you can watch TV shows "legally":


It is time for you to research internet encryption and proxies. Make it impossible for your ISP and RIAA/MPAA to find out what you are downloading. Access (seemingly) websites like you are not located in US. For example, the old IsoHunt is accessible thru a proxy that makes it seem that you are not located in US. There are also easier browser and web based proxy options. It is up to you to research a safe and efficient proxy implementation.

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