How to disinfect computer infection

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Let me get the following off my chest: if you choose to be a dumb user who all they do is play games on the computer, go on social networks, watch free movies online, and illegally download pirated movies and especially games and programs online or from peer-to-peer networks, instead of investing just a bit of your time to learn about how computers work and how to operate it properly, then you will pay by having a slow computer infected with many viruses. You will pay others to clean it up for you, and you are bound to lose your data when the computer gets worse. Your private data may already have been stolen anyways.

I will keep this portal lean on instructions, because it not my job to do all the work for you. I will list what you need to do, but it is up to you to research everything.

One of the most relevant problems with computers, especially over time, is the task of Disinfection, Cleanup, and Speedup. They are in principle one an the same: it takes a smart user to keep a computer clean, virus free, and always fast in operation.

When specific, the instructions listed here are for the Windows 7 edition. Vista and XP are similar in operation and steps.


Additionally, I have written a 7-page ebook on the subject of Computer Disinfection/Cleanup/Speedup, and how to to Use Computers Properly and Effectively

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